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The Five Pillars of Living Transformed

Transformation is Spiritual

Transformation is a Process

Transformation is Hearing God's Voice

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Living Transformed begins with Spiritual birth and becoming Spiritually minded as we are transforming.

Living Transformed is the process of becoming, changing, growing, maturing, developing, conforming, restoring, transitioning, and learning to be the person God designed.

Fundamental to Living Transformed is learning to hear the voice of God. There are many voices in the world and all of them are saying different things and are pulling us in different ways. Hearing God's voice is essential.

Transformation is Discovering Your Identity

Living Transformed is the discovery of how your identity is intended to fit into God's design. Identity includes our spirit, mind, emotions, body, relationships, how we meet our needs, and our purpose in life.

Transformation is Having Shalom in Every Area of Life

Living Transformed is ultimately about "conforming to the image of Christ," but that is hard to measure. We will never know how far we need to change until we are with God in heaven. The key to Living Transformed is to have shalom in every area of life (see Identity above). Shalom is completeness, wholeness, agreement, and order.



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